Rudi Drusian Lange

Network and development analyst

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My expertise lies in program development and network management. Exploring creativity and logic combined with automating processes is what attracts me most to this profession.

Personal Information

41 Years

Vila Guilherme | São Paulo | Brazil

+55 11 95604 4916



Linux | Development | Network | Wireless | Open Source | Web | SEO


Self-taught | Communication | Leadership | Team work | Inventory




* Vehicle and laptop available
* Available for moving and traveling

Work Experience


I've honed my skills in web development, SEO and Linux. I've developed various tools and my own CMS where I manage a number of sites, including two multilingual sites and one in which I maintain the content. The use of AI has helped me in my improvement.


NOC Coordinator

I managed the NOC and operations teams for large companies with radio links, routing, monitoring, etc. I implemented the Zabbix monitoring system and the GLPI Helpdesk.

Software Development Analyst

I developed a complete web portal for hotspot management using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, ShellScript and with Linux and Mikrotik I implemented Web servers, Radius, Firewall and VPN.

TDKOM | Ourinhos e São Paulo

Infrastructure and IT Manager

In Ourinhos(SP), I took part in the migration from dial-up internet to broadband, starting as technical support, then as infrastructure manager I managed several radio internet projects.

I helped set up the São Paulo branch, connecting the internet to the Terremark traffic exchange point using high-performance licensed radio links and distributing to Alphaville, Osasco, Jaguaré/SP, CEAGESP and more.

Academic Background

Data Processing

Fatec | Ourinhos, São Paulo

Computer Technician

ETEC Amim Jundi | Osvaldo Cruz, São Paulo

Professional Skills

My expertise in software development and network management enhances my contributions because these are complementary areas, software uses the network to traffic information while the network provides security and efficiency through software for the proper operation of the whole.


Delivering work with a high level of performance, with a beautiful design and that is practical and functional, are my goals. I try to surprise by exploring new possibilities, always considering that anything is possible and that limitations are there to be overcome.